Looking for an ultralight aircraft?

We have collected an extensive list of ultralight aircraft manufacturers (+200 manufacturers). If possible we try to provide the contact information to each aircraft manufacturer. Note! For trike or powered parachutes, see the Trike / Flexwing section.

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  • X-AIR India

    X-AIR India

    Raj Hamsa was founded in 1980 as a Unit of AURELEC TRUST at Pondicherry. RAJ HAMSA launched an entirely new line of products in the form of 3-AXIS CONVENTIONAL CONTROLS MICROLIGHT AIRCRAFT.

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  • Zenair Floats

    Zenair Floats

    Aluminum floats for ultralights and LSA, up to 2500 lbs: Straight and amphibious; basic or advanced kits. Makes float flying fun and affordable! Great floats for planes such as the CH 701 and CH 601!

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  • Zenair Limited

    Zenair Limited

    Zenair is a leading manufacturer of ultralight and aircraft kits for light planes designed by Chris Heintz, aircraft like the CH 701

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  • Zenith Aircraft Company

    Zenith Aircraft Company

    The official home page for Zenair™ kit aircraft designs. Zenith Aircraft Online provides detailed information and resources on sport (experimental) aviation and our exciting line of homebuilt kit planes for sport pilots. Aircraft available CH 601 (Zodiac), CH 701, CH 750, CH 801

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