Looking for an ultralight aircraft?

We have collected an extensive list of ultralight aircraft manufacturers (+200 manufacturers). If possible we try to provide the contact information to each aircraft manufacturer. Note! For trike or powered parachutes, see the Trike / Flexwing section.

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  • ICON Aircraft Company

    ICON Aircraft Company

    Manufacturer and creator of the iconic ICON A5 sea & land aircraft. The ICON Aircraft company is located in Vacaville California, United States where all manufacturing, engineering, design, flight training, sales, ...

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  • IDEA AirCraft Co. - Hydropteron

    IDEA AirCraft Co. - Hydropteron

    By the IDEAirCraft Co. produced special aircraft is suitable for air and water takeoff and landing.. In the Amphibian two free time activities join cruising on the water and flying. The water aircraft can be used as a s...

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  • IndUS Aviation, Inc

    IndUS Aviation, Inc

    IndUS is the manufacturer of the Thorp T211 aircraft, designed by the legendary John thorp. John thorp designed more than 40 aircraft including the Piper Cherokee series. This aircraft is beind sold under Fully certified, Experimental and Light sport categories. Check out our new Thorpedo

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  • Johnston Aviation / Tiger Cub Manufacturer

    Johnston Aviation / Tiger Cub Manufacturer

    A website for Johnston Aviation, manufacturer of the Tiger Cub light sport airplanes and experimental airplanes, includes product information, specs, and price options. "Standard shop tools and a single car garage are all that's required"

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  • Jordan Lake Aero

    Jordan Lake Aero

    The Air-Bike (Airbike) is back and produced again in the USA! J L A is now the US manufacturer of Air-Bike kits and parts for the overseas market. These great aircraft are easy to build, simple to operate, and available...

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  • Just AirCraft

    Just AirCraft

    Manufacturer of Highlander and Escapade

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  • Kiebitz


    Willkommen auf der Homepage der Kiebitz Piloten !

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  • Kitfox Aircraft

    Kitfox Aircraft

    The official website of Kitfox, one of the most popular kit built aircraft in the world. For over 29 years the Kitfox has continued its leadership in the Experimental Aircraft Market place. Delivering easy to build ki...

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  • Kitplanes for Africa

    Kitplanes for Africa

    A First for Africa Being the first new generation aeroplane produced in Africa, the Bushbaby has proven to be Africas most successful kit aircraft. Based on time proven designs with the latest laminar aerodynamics for in...

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  • Lazair website

    Lazair website

    Lazair - 25 years now and still going after Dale Kramer and Peter Corley started to build the Lazair ultralight. The Lazair has become to pilot and builders one of the safest ultralights ever built and a track record to...

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  • Loehle Aircraft Corporation

    Loehle Aircraft Corporation

    Our company specializes in aircraft paint coatings, pinhole filler, and also replica aircraft kits and replica aircraft parts and supplies.

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  • M-Squared Aircraft Inc

    M-Squared Aircraft Inc

    M-Squared was founded by Paul Mather in 1996 in order to produce a fun and safe airplane that was superior to others available on the market. M-Squared Aircraft Inc. is located in St. Elmo, Alabama near Mobile Bay and...

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  • Medway  Microlights

    Medway Microlights

    We are the longest established and approved microlight aircraft manufacturer in the United Kingdom. We have been producing flexwing microlights for over 20 years, and were the first company to manufacture an aircraft that met the stringent requirements of BCAR Section 'S'.

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  • Merlin from AEROCOMP Inc.

    Merlin from AEROCOMP Inc.

    Comp Air LLC., manufactures kits for a complete family of all-composite kit-built airplanes, ranging in size from 4 to 10 seats, powered by engines from 180 to 1,800 hp, with cruise speeds ranging from 175 mph to 400 mp...

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  • Micro Aviation NZ

    Micro Aviation NZ

    Bantam Microlight New Zealand designed 2 place microlight/ultralight

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  • MicroWings


    Kobus van Staden and Adam Nagorski developed the Cubby based on structures from the US for their own passion for Flying. The first Cubby produced was such a success. The two decided to share their flying passion with all...

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    The marvellous adventure of AVIONS MIGNET began more than 70 years ago. The craze for the Mignet formula that we are experiencing at the dawn of the third millénnium testifies, to its all often misunderstood flying qualities. The CORDOUAN is the industrial form of the concept.

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    Manufacturer of the MILLENNIUM MASTER ultralight aircraft

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  • Morgan Aero Works

    Morgan Aero Works

    Morgan Aeroworks is an Australian aircraft kit manufacturer specialising in high performance and highly affordable sports aircraft. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the Australian aviation industry a range of ai...

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  • Mosquito Aviation

    Mosquito Aviation

    Extensive website if you are researching or building a Mosquito XE / XEL, Mosquito XE3, Mosquito Air or Mosquito XET helicopter.

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  • NGAero


    Designers of the NGAero aircraft.

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    The Official Graham Lee Nieuports Replica Website.

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  • Norman Aviation International Inc.

    Norman Aviation International Inc.

    For about 24 years now, Norman Aviation, owned by Jacques Norman, has helped numerous people achieve their dream of owning an aircraft, some as far away as South America and Australia. Models, such as NORDIC 11 and V1, ...

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    The web-site of OSKBES MAI - The Sectoral Special Design Bureau of an Experimental Aircraft Construction of Moscow Aviation Institute - the maker of the well-known airplanes 'Aviatika-890'. Light aircraft designing, manufacturing, selling, repair.

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  • Peak Aerospace GmbH

    Peak Aerospace GmbH

    We produce Fast-Build Kits of historical Airplanes. Actual there is the Me 109 Kit in two versions. First Version is the Microlight Kit, build to the german LTF-UL. This Kit could be delivered with a fixed Version of the...

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  • PIPISTREL, Slovenija

    PIPISTREL, Slovenija

    Manufacturer of high performance ultralight aircraft.

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  • Quad City Challenger

    Quad City Challenger

    Quad City manufactures the Challenger line of Light Sport Aircraft, Experimental Amateur-Built / Homebuilt, Advanced Ultralight and Part 103 Ultralight Aircraft. All Challengers can be flown with the new Sport Pilot Perm...

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  • QUALT 200 from the Czech Republic

    QUALT 200 from the Czech Republic

    The company was established in 1991. Mainly it produces metal valves and connecting elements for pipeline systems, moulds for compression plastics moulding, tinsmithÂ’s roofs components, propeller blades for wind powe...

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  • Quasar Aircraft Company, LLC

    Quasar Aircraft Company, LLC

    The Quasar Aircraft Company, LLC was a dream of Frank Porter and it was born with the burning desire to bring an unlimited source of energy and light from the celestial Quasars and deliver its energies to the aircraft in...

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  • Quicksilver Aircraft

    Quicksilver Aircraft

    Quicksilver aircraft produces Ultralight, Ultralight type, Light Sport, and Experimental/Amateur Built aircraft kits. As the most commonly used Ultralight training aircraft in America, Quicksilver's light aircraft are re...

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    Sab aviation is born from the initiative of sab aerospace, a leading small italian aerospace company, with the intention to trasfer in the light sport aircraft domain the know-how and the expertises accumulated in the d...

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  • Samara VVV-Avia

    Samara VVV-Avia

    Samara VVV-Avia is a privately owned company that benefits from a longstanding tradition of light aircraft construction and development. Currently the company manufactures two types of airplanes: Elitar-202 and Elitar-Si...

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  • SD Planes France

    SD Planes France

    Website of Spacek SD-1 in France: actuality, technical and commercial information about the SD-1 in France, forum associated.

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  • SlipStream Industries, USA

    SlipStream Industries, USA

    Slip Stream International specializes in Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft which may be flown by sport pilots. Our aircraft models are the GENESIS and REVELATION. These aircraft can be purchased in kits to build as tim...

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    Manufacturers of the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos aircraft.  Tech Support:920-230-TECHHours: M,W,F10am-Noon &2pm-4pm CST

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    Manufacturer of the SD-1 Minisport ultralight single seater.

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  • Tecnam


    Tecnam is a maker of many different Ultralight / LSA aircraft.

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  • Tecnosoluzioni srl

    Tecnosoluzioni srl

    We specialize in solving technical problems in heavy road transport and ultralight aircraft with only qualified and experienced personnel. We do repairs and construction of shafts. Tecnosoluzioni is a company with great ...

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  • The Double Eagle Website

    The Double Eagle Website

    Want to build your own Legal Eagle Ultralight or Double Eagle Light Sport Aircraft? Then pay a visit to Leonard Milholland's website where you can order plans.

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  • Thunderbird Aviation

    Thunderbird Aviation

    Home of the Hiperlight, providing safe, easy-to-fly airplanes at an affordable cost. Order your Hiperlight kit here!

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  • Titan Aircraft

    Titan Aircraft

    Our line of aircraft represent the latest state of the art design combining high strength, lightweight aircraft quality materials to provide the most durable, dependable and cost efficient lightweight/ultralight aircraft...

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    Makers of TL-3000 SIRIUS - TL-2000 STING S4 - TL-2000 STING RG - TL-2000 STING S3 - SIRIUS WITH FLOATS - PROPELLER POWERMAX TL-ULTRALIGHT - we produce sport and ultralight aircraft.

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  • TL-Ultralights Australia

    TL-Ultralights Australia

    TL-2000 Sting Carbon Aircraft - A luxurious & comfortable aircraft designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic from Carbon Fibre. Cruise at a serious 130 knots burning around 20 lph. Holds several world records and is Australias' best selling performance aircraft.

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  • Tomark Aero

    Tomark Aero

    Viper is an all-metal microlight plane designed for sports, entertainment and recreational flying. With its equipment and excellent flying properties it is ideal for travel, training and glider towing. A roomy, modern-de...

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  • Tomas Podesva Air

    Tomas Podesva Air

    Manufacturer of Trener Baby,

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  • U-FLY-IT


    U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC provides Light Sport and Ultralight aircraft sales, flight instruction, assembly and repair. We are conveniently located just north of Orlando, and West of Daytona Beach, Florida, at th...

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  • UL-JIH s.r.o.

    UL-JIH s.r.o.

    Company focusing on producing the Fascination, Evolution and Fascination-VLA class ultralight planes; all of these fully composite constructions. In the joint firm we employ 31 people and are able to manufacture 3 aircra...

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  • Ultralight Aircraft LEGEND

    Ultralight Aircraft LEGEND

    AEROPILOT works on a market as an ultralight aircrafts manufacturer since year 2000. We are concerning the development, production and sale of ultralight aircrafts. AEROPILOT s.r.o. is the only manufacturer of ultralight aircraft LEGEND.

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  • WAG Aero - Homebuilt Kit Aircraft

    WAG Aero - Homebuilt Kit Aircraft

    Want to build a replica of the Piper J-3 Cub and relive the 1930's? At WAG Aero you can purchase a kit, perfect for the homebuilt aircraft project and make this dream come true. About WAG-Aero Wag-Aero started with...

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  • Warner Aerocraft USA

    Warner Aerocraft USA

    Manufacturer of the Sportster, Space Walker II, Revolution II, Space Walker I, Revolution I. Builds your aircraft so you can experience flight as it was in the 1930s with your open cockpit aerocraft!

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  • Weller Flugzeugbau

    Weller Flugzeugbau

    Our ultra light aircraft family covers the single-seated „Rebell“ and the two-seated „Sprint“. Quality standards for materials and manufacturing are oriented on those of modern German sailplanes and power...

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  • X-AIR France

    X-AIR France

    Randkar is worldwide distributor of the range of ulm Xair. We also offer flight training, advertising and photography.

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