Ural-Apogee trike

Posted: Monday 3rd April 2017
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Ural-Apogee trike - Photo #1


This 2-place trike has been assembled from Ural chassis kit and Apogee-16 wing with some original Air Trikes modifications. Main features – very strong but extremely light structure made with streamlined tube triangle, highest quality aircraft materials and design (source- Kamov helicopter factory).

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Safety cables inside main tubes. Suspension with 4 shocks, disc brakes. Choice of main wheels, from small to big Tundra for rough field landings. Tall large windshield makes the flight comfortable for you and your passenger even without protective visors or glasses. MZ-202 engine 60 HP with electric start, 3.47 gearbox with centrifugal clutch. KOOL or Kievprop, your choice. Streamlined fuel tank with clear level tube. Thick and sort 2-seat module with adjustable soft support – back support when you fly solo, and passenger head support if you fly with a passenger. 2 big saddle bags. Digital Stratomaster instruments – airspeed, altimeter, RPM, voltage, 2xEGT and 2xCHT.

Nose fairing with integrated headlight. Foot and left hand throttle control. The wing – 80% double surface Apogee-16. It has inflight adjustable hands-off speed and control bar position (electric trim). The wing can be transported in 8’ package. This trike has an unique feature - foldable main chassis. It is very light so can be used even as a soaring motoglider trike, especially with inflight foldable small wheels. Trike + wing can be transported inside a minivan, sent worldwide with moderated shipping cost, store taking almost no space in your garage or even appartment. Let me know if you need more pictures or engine test video.

The price is very affordable for such unique 2-place ready-to-fly trike included the second (spare) engine block + a lot of engine spare parts (starters, carbs, coils, rubber sockets, gaskets, filters etc). Additional options: BRS, GPS, radio, helmets, intercom, headsets, wing handles...

18000 USD OBO

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