Posted: Thursday 1st December 2016
Category: Fixed wing
2008 PIPISTREL SINUS 912 - Photo #1


Like a Ulm glider, 50 feet of wing opening . The motor is a Rotax 912 80 HP, Finesse 28: 1, the device pick up at 34 kts (63 km/h) cruising speed 108 kts (200 kph), 122 kts max speed (225 km/h) Size 12.5 m Length 6.5 m Wing area 11 m2 Height 1.82 m

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Mass empty with parachute 277.5 kg Mass up to 450/472,5 kg Load factor checked + 4 /-2 G Fuel 2 x 28 litres Techniques of flight: Flight engine running up to 225 km/hour, in the quiet air Flight engine stopped, in the calm air (gliding) Thermal ascendence (Soaring) flight... a lot of the turn, sometimes tight Flight under the streets of clouds (claud streets)... in a straight line you can gain height Flight of slope (ridge flight)... with strong wind sometimes laminar




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2008 PIPISTREL SINUS 912 - Photo #2
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