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Two-Seater Powered Parachute Sundog Powerchutes Inc

Two-Seater Powered Parachute
Two-Seater Powered Parachute
Two-Seater Powered Parachute

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Sundog Powerchutes

Weather you call it a paraplane, powered para plane, parachute plane, motorized parachute, flying parachute, power parachute, PPC, UFO, big bird, or ultra light high flying fangled contraption, it still amounts to a lot of great flying fun, and that's what our company is all about. Sundog Powerchutes Inc. - Sundog Powered Parachutes, is a powered parachute manufacturer of a unique new design of powered parachutes. Our side by side powered parachute model is what we specialize in and what really sets us apart from most of the other powered parachute manufacturers, but we also manufacture a single seater as well. We have a nice selection of powered parachute pictures, and even a couple of powered parachute videos in our gallery section to give you a better idea of what this sport is all about.

Source: sundogpowerchutes.com

Editors note: If you want to get into the flying hobby, a powered parachute is a very affordable way of flying. Check out our marketplace section for a powered parachute for sale!


  • Empty weight: 336 lbs
  • MTOW: 489 lbs
  • Cruise speed: 29 kts
  • Climb: 800 ft/min
  • Glide ratio: 5:1
  • Takeoff distance (50ft obstacle): 200 ft
  • Landing distance (50´ft obstacle): 100 ft
  • Engine: Rotax 582 - 65 Horse Power
  • Fuel consumption: 5 gph
  • Two-Seater Powered Parachute
  • For sale for: 15995 USD
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