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Popular Aircraft

  • Mosquito XE Ultralight Helicopter

    Mosquito XE Ultralight Helicopter

    The Mosquito XE ultralight helicopter is for sale Ready-To-Fly or in kit variations starting at 32,000 USD, a great price for a personal helicopter.
  • Airbike


    The Airbike is a FAR 103 ultralight aircraft. The Airbike has a steel tube fuselage and wings made of wood. Available as kit or plans for the aircraft builder.
  • SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft

    SD-1 Minisport amateur built aircraft

    The SDplanes SD1 is powered by as little as 30hp and cruises at a 100kts (120mph). SD-1 Minisport can be built after plans or bought ready to fly!
  • Aerolite 103

    Aerolite 103

    The Aerolite 103 ultralight aircraft is for sale by U-FLY-IT who now is manufacturing this FAR 103 ultralight again. Aerolite kits and plans starting at $11,500.
  • Woopy-Fly


    The Woopy Fly aircraft can be assembled in 15 minutes. The wing is inflated by two small electric fans underneath the wing. Powered by small 20 hp engine.
  • Catalina Amphibious Aircraft

    Catalina Amphibious Aircraft

    The Avid Catalina is a three place amphibious aircraft that can take-off of land or water. The Catalina amphibious aircraft was formerly named Avid Amphibian.
  • Foxbat A22

    Foxbat A22

    The Foxbat A22 is a highly versatile light sport aircraft with great visibility, flight characteristics and specs. For sale starting at 65,000 USD.
  • Powered Parachute - Two-Seater

    Powered Parachute - Two-Seater

    With a powered parachute from Sundog Powerchutes you fly like a bird, but with the freedom an engine gives you. One of the most fun ways of flying!
  • Tecnam P92

    Tecnam P92

    The P92 is a 2-seat aircraft manufactured by Tecnam in Italy. The P92 features a monocoque construction, aluminum over steel tubing and a Rotax 912 engine.
  • Impulse 100 TD

    Impulse 100 TD

    A safe airplane Maneuvering speed is 220 km/h Tested safe load factors of +-5,6 with a safety margin of 1,725.

Latest Aircraft!

  • Belite ProCub Lite

    Belite ProCub Lite

    The ProCub Lite is a classic looking aircraft that looks like the nostalgic J3 Cub, but flies under FAR-103 ultralight regulations. The ProCub Lite ultralight is sold as kit or fully assembled.
  • Belite UltraCub

    Belite UltraCub

    The Belite UltraCub is a 3-axis FAR-103 ultralight aircraft. Built mostly of aluminum, the UltraCub is sold as kit or ready-to fly. Has been flown with floats also!
  • Cirrus SR22

    Cirrus SR22

    The Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine composite aircraft, originally four and later five-seat, built by Cirrus Aircraft. The Cirrus SR22 is perhaps mostly known for its ballistic parachute system (CAPS).
  • BackYard Flyer Ultralight BYF

    BackYard Flyer Ultralight BYF

    The Back Yard Flyer BYF is a unique ultralight with its swing wing for easy storage. With a thick 27-foot-10 wingspan BYF ultralight gets off the ground in 100 feet.
  • Ultra-X Aerobatic Ultralight

    Ultra-X Aerobatic Ultralight

    The Ultra-X is a fully aerobatic "ultralight type" aircraft. With proper training in this airplane, pilots can perform loops and rolls as well as fly inverted.
  • Breese XL Ultralight Aircraft

    Breese XL Ultralight Aircraft

    The Breese XL is a great FAR 103 approved ultralight aircraft powered by a Hirt F33 engine. Featuring an aerodynamic strut brace system.
  • CH 7 Angel Helicopter

    CH 7 Angel Helicopter

    A great little single seat helicopter powered by a Rotax 582 Blue Head. For sale: $48000 / 42.000 € (negotiable).
  • Cozy Mark IV

    Cozy Mark IV

    The Cozy MK IV is a high-performance, 4-seat, homebuilt canard aircraft from Aircraft Spruce. It has a range of about 1,000 miles and a top speed of 200 mph.
  • WAG-Aero Sport Trainer

    WAG-Aero Sport Trainer

    Build an authentic replica of the Piper J-3 Cub and relive the 1930's with a WAG-Aero Sport Trainer that is brand new. The perfect homebuilt aircraft!
  • CH 7 Kompress Helicopter

    CH 7 Kompress Helicopter

    This little twin seat helicopter is sold as assembly kit or is assembled by the manufacturer. For sale for $57,900