Storm 300 Special

Posted: Tuesday 4th July 2017
Category: Fixed wing
Storm 300 Special - Photo #1

Storm 300 Special with 912 S Rotax engine 100HP. Engine hours 700 (TBO 2.000). Manufacturer SG Aviation and builded from kit by Europe Aviation. Wrap Drive Adjustable pitch propeller. It has always been hangared and covered and situated at ARMA Nettuno airfield in Nettuno, Italy.

Never damaged. Regarding the on board instruments it comes with the Intelligent Propeller Governor with the in-flight possibility to manually and automatically adjust the propeller pitch, electric flaps, electric trim, all engine instrument, CHT, Airspeed Indicator, Altimeter, Variometer, Slip Indicator, Tachometer, Fuel Level, Compass, fuel pump, Wing tanks, landing light, strobo lights, navigation lights, Intercom and VHF radio. Located in Nettuno, Italy. ARMA Nettuno Airfield.



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Storm 300 Special - Photo #2
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