Posted: Wednesday 24th May 2017
Category: Fixed wing
ALLIGATOR -ALTO 2016 - Photo #1


ROTAX ULS 100hp, only 40 hours Variable woodcomp prop pitch with constant speed, leader seats, carburator heating, cabin heating, resque system.

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MAGNUM, el.trim, el. flaps with automat and manual, trottle KASPAR, rotax origin, air box, Rotax origin FLIGHT DAT, GPS Garmin 660, GARMIN G5, water thermostat, oil thermostat, STROBES, LANDING LIGHT, radio TRIG, TRANsponder TRIG,EL petrol pump,Aviaton switches BRONZE tinted canopy with side and ventilations windows +371 Latvia EUR 65000

+371 29215654   Latvia   EUR 65000

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ALLIGATOR -ALTO 2016 - Photo #2
ALLIGATOR -ALTO 2016 - Photo #3
ALLIGATOR -ALTO 2016 - Photo #4
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